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Home Appliances

Toasters Buying Guide

Discover the top five features to consider when buying your next toaster. What size, browning, functions, maintenance, and additional toasters features to consider?

17 Nov 2019

How to choose the best toaster for your kitchen?

How big should your toaster be?

4 and 2 slice toasters are the most widely found toaster sizes, but you can also get 6 slice toasters ideal for very large families.

  • 2 slice toasters are great for small households and they toast 2 slice of toast at once.
  • 4 slice toasters are ideal for medium to large families as they let you toast 4 slice of toast at the same time. Some even let you toast your bread independently.
  • 6 slice toasters fit very large households the best as it means that all the toast can be ready at the same time, so no cold toast if you’re making multiple breakfasts.

Staall Tip: If you choose to buy a four or six slice/slot toaster, then consider the ones that allow you to have a Two-slice operation; this will save energy when you're not using every slot.

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How to easy is it to brown the toast to your liking?

The best toasters have variable browning setting. This means that everyone gets their toast just how they like it every morning.

The variable browning lets you adjust the level of brownness for perfect crumpets, toast or bagels.

Toasters with more than 3 or 4 browning setting offer you plenty of options and flexibility when toasting.

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What functions should your toaster have?

The basic functions that your toaster should have are:

  • Cancel or Stop function cancels a toasting cycle instantly;
  • Reheat function heats up your already-toasted slice without burning;
  • Defrost function lets you defrost any frozen bread you have stored;

The best toasters also have the following functions:

  • Bagel function means that the toaster is capable of catering for bagels comfortably.
  • Peek and Pop or Lift and Look function allows you to peek at the bread to check on its status;
  • Keep warm function keeps your toast warm while you're busy elsewhere;
  • A Bit more function lets you toast the bread a bit more (usually for another 30 seconds or so);

Staall Tip: Toasters with these additional functions also tend to cost more than the ones with just the standard functionality. But they also offer even more flexibility for your and your family.

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How easy is it to clean your toaster?

Cooking and clean-up your toaster should be a very easy.

Most toasters come with extra lift and removable crumb tray features that make cooking and clean up convenient, so that you can spend more time enjoying your food and less time cleaning up. Once you're done, you simply need just pop out the removable crumb tray for a swift clean-up.

The Removable crumb tray makes cleaning up after making toast easy as the crumb tray catches the crumbs from the toaster and slides out easily for washing. So this means that there aren't any more crumbs on the worktops.

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What other toaters features should I consider?

Toasters additional features considerations:

  • Hight lift feature is ideal so that you never get the toast stuck or burn your hand trying to grab it;
  • Cool walls/sides toasters have cool wall technology which prevents the sides of the device from warming up excessively;
  • Wide slots toasters come with extra-wide slots perfect for thin and thick slices alike;
  • lluminated controls highlight functions for straightforward use;
  • Non-slip feet/base prevents your toaster to move when it is in use, for added safety. Usually the feet are made of rubber.

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