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Home Appliances

Range Cookers Buying Guide

Discover the top five features to consider when buying your next range cooker. What size, type, energy rating, maintenance, and additional range cookers features to consider?

17 Nov 2019

How to choose the best range cooker?

How big should your range cooker be?

Range cookers are commonly large cooking appliances with a lot of capacity (enabling more flexibility to cook several dishes at once) so you need to make sure you find one that fits your kitchen.

There are a variety of standard width sizes to choose from:

  • 90 cm range cookers
  • 100 cm range cookers
  • 110 cm range cookers
  • 120 cm range cookers

Staall Tip: Range cookers manufacturers also recommend that you add an additional 5 mm when measuring the gap to fit your range cooker in your kitchen. These 5 cm recess dimension around the range cooker allows for ventilation and to prevent overheating.

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What type of range cookers are there?

There are several types of fueld types to power your range cooker:

  • Gas range cookers are easy to use and provide instant heat and tend to be the cheapest models to cook with.
  • Electric range cookers tend to have at least one of the ovens that is fan assisted to help sprea the heat around the oven which heats up more quickly reducing the time it takes to cook your meals.
  • Dual fuel range cookers are very popular as they come with a gas hob and electric ovens which tend to heat more evenly than gas ovens.

Staall Tip: Some dual fuel range cookers also come with electric induction hobs.

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Which energy rating should my range cooker have?

The best energy rated range cookers will have a energy rating between B and A is the best rating available currently available for range cookers.

Each range cooker is given an energy efficiency rating from A down to B, with A being the most efficient. 

Staall Tip: The most efficient range cookers utilise less electricity to cook your meals, which enables you to save on your household bills and also help the environment by being more environmentally friendly.

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How to maintain your range cooker?

Cleaning your range cooker nowadays are designed to ensure cleaning is as quick and simple as possible. They come with several features to help you maintain your range cooker easily:

  • Hardwearing enamel makes it difficult for dirt to stick and is resistant to burnt-on grease and food particles althogh can cost a bit more;
  • Catalytic stay-clean liners help your oven self-cleaning at high temperatures by absorbing debris to burn it away while you cook.
  • Pyrolytic cleaning system is usually available on top-range ovens that use high temperature that cleans every part of the oven's interior. 

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What other range cookers features should I consider?

Range cookers additional features considerations:

  • Glass doors are great to keep an eye on what's cooking in the ovens meaning that you don't have to open the oven doors to check the food and no heat escapes.
  • Ventilation is a must if you choose to buy a gas range cooker as gas safety regulations state that you must install a gas appliance in a room which has adequate ventilation. 
  • Control panel lock feature or Child safety lock is ideal to prevent children from opening the oven door or altering the controls and accidentally endangering themselves.
  • Grill pan or drip tray is specifically designed for quick, easy grilling.
  • Timer clock is great to time how long you have been cooking for. Also some range cooker timers can be programmed to finish at a time which suits you.


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