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Footstools Buying Guide

Footstools Buying Guide - Discover the top five features to consider when buying your next footstool.

What materials, colours, finishes, sizes and additional features to consider?

Read our detailed Footstools Buying Guide.

14 Feb 2020

How to choose the best best footstool? Read our in-depth buying guide for footstools.

What footstool material should I choose?

You can choose footstools that are made of several materials, but the most popular are fabric and leather footsools. Common Footstool materials include:

  • Leather footstools are usually made from cow hide which means it is a natural material and each footstool is unique;
  • Fabric footstools tend to be cheapear than leather footstools and are ideal for a contemporary home, usually have clean lines and soft cushioning;
  • Velvet footstools are upholstered in a super durable & spill-resistant short pile easy velvet;

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Which footstool colour should I choose?

Footstools come in various colours to coordinate with your current furniture set up. There are several colours of footstools you can choose from:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Natural
  • Pink


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What footstool finishes are there?

There is a variety of finishes available for footstools, including:

  • Plain foostools make an elegant addition to any home; adding warmth and comfort to your living space;
  • Buttoned footstools add an air of elegance to any space with a button-back upholstery;
  • Textured footstools
  • Herringbone footstools
  • Striped footstools


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What footsool size should I buy?

Footstools come in a variety of sizes and shapes:

  • Small footstools
  • Medium footstools
  • Large footstools
  • Extra Large footsools

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What other footstools features should I consider?

 Other foostools features considerations should be:

  • Aftercare - vacuum or brush the footstool on a regular basis (weekly);
  • Location - avoid locations that have prolongued exposure to sunlight;
  • Storage - some footstools have built-in storage (called storage footstools);
  • Prices - vary depending on the material and size of the footstool;
  • Legs - you can choose footstools with legs (wooden legs or dark legs) or without legs;

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