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Home Appliances

Washing Machines Buying Guide

Discover the top five features to consider when buying your next washing machine. What drum size, spin speed, energy rating, wash programmes and other features should your washing machine have?

19 Nov 2019

How to choose the best washing machine?

What washing machine drum size should my new washing have?

The right washing machine size for you depends on how big a model you want. Washing machine drum capacity varies between different models:

  • 10kg to 13kg drum capacity washing machines are ideal for large families (five or more people);
  • 7kg to 9kg drum capacity are more suitable for medium-sized households (three to four people);
  • 5kg to 6kg drum capacity washing machines are great for small families (one to two people);

Washing machines with large capacity tend to include additional washing cycles for big items, such as duvets, towels or curtains and you can wash more at the same time, helping you save time and money on energy.

Staall Tip: You should never over fill your washing machine always leave room for after you put your clothes inside the machine. Also, make sure you always do small washes you will waste energy.

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What spin speed should my new washing machine have?

Washing machines spin speed is measured in rpm (drum rotations per minute). Most washing machine models spin varies between 1200rpm, 1400rpm, and 1800rpm.

A washing machine with a high spin speed (1400-1800rpm) will leave clothes a bit dryer when the wash is finished.

Also the best washing machines will have a long spin cycle suitable for cottons that help extract more water more efficiently. Some may also have a wash spin for synthetics to reduce creasing.

Staall Tip: Washing machines very high spin speeds can damage some fabrics.

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Which energy rating should my washing machine have?

The best energy rated washing machines will have a energy rating between A and A+++.  A+++ is the best rating available currently available for washing machines.

Washing machines with an Eco wash programme use up to 60% less energy by running for longer.

Staall Tip: The most efficient washing machines utilise less electricity to wash your clothes, which in turn helps you save money and energy and tend to also kinder to the environment.

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What wash programmes are there?

Washing machines come with a variety of wash cycles, but these are the most common wash programmes to most models:

  • Handwash wash cycle is ideal for fabrics such as fine wools or silk;
  • Quick wash enables you to select a full cycle for lightly soiled items speeded up to 15-30 minutes; 
  • Reload feature allows you to add odd items to the wash once the programme has started;
  • Steam wash cycles refresh creased dry clothes or remove odours without doing a full wash;
  • Variable temperature control lets you elect a lower temperature to save energy; 
  • Economy setting which will automatically reduce the washing temperature;
  • Extra rinse great for sensitive skin.

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What other washing machines features should I consider?


Other washing machine freatures considerations should be:

  • Delay timer sets the washing machine to start at a specific time;
  • Rinse hold is ideal for ensuring creases are not set into the clothing by keeping the clothes soaking in warm water until you are ready for the cycle to complete.
  • Childproof lock prevents the accidental changing of washing programmes by locking the buttons.
  • Large porthole window enables you to view and monitor your laundry with greater ease.
  • Noise level is measured in decibels. The higher the dB, the noisier the machine will be. Below 50dB is considered quiet and is about as loud as a typical conversation.
  • Half load function is ideal for washing a smaller amount of laundry, by saving water and energy while still thoroughly cleaning the clothes.

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